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October 16, 2005 - 1:16 a.m.


The paint stick was junk. I followed the instructions, but I couldn't get the paint sucked up into the tube. I did get some pushed into the roller, enough to prime the roller but that was about it. I had a "fuck it" moment because as we all know, life is short. So I hot footed it over to Maynards and got this instead.

It took about three gallons of paint to cover that textured ceiling. I don't think it had ever been painted since it was put on. I encountered a shower of ceiling texture and paint splatter as I went along, and that roller and extension get pretty heavy when loaded with paint. But it realy did work better than a conventional roller. I figured a loaded heavy nap roller would cover about a 20" square based on how the ceiling was drinking in the paint. I used that cool paint that rolls on purple and dries white. Nice effect!

My thoughts of a dark faux finish below a wallpaper border with a lighter color above evaporated in the Maynards parking lot as I realized how long this job was taking. I decided on a single color, out of the four I was going to use. I'll just use the wallpaper border next to the ceiling. That will help to set off this funky 70's style fake beamed ceiling I'm blessed with.

I'm sick to death of painting trim. I have the hallway yet to do, four doorframes and the stair rail, newel posts and all those damn balusters. BUt the stuff I've done looks really good and it furthers my effort to have Every Stick Of Trim In This House B2 White. I have strange goals yes, but achievable ones.

Pictures of a finished room. The camera doesn't really capture the color right.

Okay so it's not completely finished, I have to paint the outlet covers to match the room. There's also that pesky matter about having furniture in the room too. I had to run to the Maynards in the next town to get the last of the border. I have an idea about valances for the blinds... hmm.

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