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July 01, 2004 - 9:51 p.m.

Trinkets and Trash

Several boxes arrived on my doorstep last week. They are the remnants of my parent's life. Specifically my mom's life. Newt referred to them as "trinkets and trash." I don't see it that way.

Several pieces were smashed in transit, and old glue joints on picture frames came loose. Son2 and I glued the wooden joints back together. The broken glass was beyond saving. I now have more elegant glassware than I know what to do with, that stuff is carefully stashed in an upper cabinet in the kitchen. I don't know what I'll do with cordial glasses and brandy snifters but I'll have them if the need arises. I got several pictures too, they're all hanging on my walls.

My mom was a saver of things, important things. I have the product of her savings, her folders, her pictures, a valentine from my dad. The program from my high school graduation. A card she got when my second eldest sister was born. It's all there, it's safe with me too... I'll keep it for another generation.

"'be careful what is sent from thee, and ever mind the rule of three.' This is one of the most fundamental rules, or universal laws, which states that whatever energy a person sends out, or projects, is sent back by three. From personal experience, I have found this to often be much more than a factor of three, but the statement does provide a basis to work from. This statement is also approximately twenty five thousand years old. It is very difficult to determine exactly how old it really is, but we know that the "old religion" was around at least that long ago. This tells us that we truly are not a part of the physical as much as we are a part of the spiritual, the spiritual being defined as anything non-physical. We are as much a part of our body as we are a part of the car we drive. Therefore, if we send out energy, other energies are going to be influenced by our focus. This influence, whether positive or negative, will continue in a chain reaction of sorts with each energy that is influenced, influencing others, and so on. This eventually returns upon the source greatly amplified, and often from a different location."*

Matter is neither created nor destroyed. Energy is the same way, whether positive or negative. Projecting negative energy onto someone has a nasty habit of coming back to you. Some call it karmic payback. I have seen it myself in my own life and in the lives of others. Simply put, what you send out comes back to you, in ways that become obvious and sometimes in bitterly ironic fashion.

Because this fact has been proven to me again and again, I am making a conscious effort to limit the amount of negative thinking I do about others. This is hard to do given my overly critical nature at times, but there is a benefit to this.

I think that some of my readers may know what I'm talking about. Sometimes our Intended Ones are trapped in a world we don't understand.

Don't expect happy-assed blathering from me, I'm not built for that.

*© Jim Sutterfield

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