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August 05, 2003 - 7:03 p.m.

WriTinG pOsitivE StUFf

This is hard.

Lemme seeÖ

Iím in a deep blue funk and Pollyanna on my right shoulder tells me I have to pull my ass out of the fire if I want to make something of myself. I have been always known as Mr. Positive but recent events have me kicked to the curb. (Iím so street.) So with clenched teeth and firm resolve, let me outline ďreasons to be cheerful, part 3Ē (thank you Ian Dury, Iím sorry youíre dead.)

1. Number one and two on the list in no particular order, Sons One and Two. They gave me a reason to live a long time ago. They mirror my good points and bad points but Iíll focus on the good. Case in point: The other morning I went into Son1ís room as I was leaving for work. The room was stuffy; he had his air conditioner on, but on the ďfanĒ setting. I decided to open a window and let some cool air in. He woke from his slumber at the sound, telling me no, he felt cold, he didnít need fresh air. But then he said, ďThank you, Dad.Ē

Son2ís good qualities donít have as much sharp definition, but if youíre a regular reader you saw his away message.

2. I live in a beautiful house. I hope I can afford to stay here. Of all the houses Iíve owned (3), I feel most at home in this one. I have arched door openings in my entryway and a walnut staircase. I have a dishwasher that I installed myself. I have new carpeting in the living room and a new boiler in the basement.

3. My faithful car is about to roll over 112,000 miles. Itís paid for. All the windows still work and the air blows cold as long as I keep it topped off with R-134. It gets me to work each day and only left me stranded once.

4. My little Tan Dog. Sheís always glad to see me when I come home and she never questions my motives. I forgive your dog hair Tandy, I know you canít help it.

5. I have a lot of friends and people who admire me. Repeat after me, I have a lot of friends and people who admire me.

6. I have a nice bed, I just donít like sleeping alone in it (except for you, Tan Dog but my motives are different.)

7. Iíve been told Iím fairly attractive. I donít feel very attractive these days, but as long as there are others that think it, why argue?

8. Iím a good writer and a gud speler too. I still struggle with the ďI before EĒ thing.

9. Have I made it to ten yet?

10. Despite the Shit Sandwich I seem to be eating right now, I still have hope for the future.

Okay thatís about all the cheerfulness I can stand right now. Whatís for supper, JohnnieV?

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