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July 20, 2003 - 9:48 a.m.

Musical Generation Gap

I had a glorious moment in the car with Son2 last night. I was transporting him over to a friend's house where he would spend the night before embarking today to Ozzfest.

I talked with him last night about this event. I expressed my concern for him and his well-being. Of course my lecture was met with objections.

The key element I tried to express was this: "Don't do anything tomorrow that will still affect your life twenty years from now." He was perplexed by this far reaching demand. What could possibly happen with an effect like that? He was baffled.

"Hopefully you'll recognize it when you see it", I said. "All I ask is that you have my voice in your head tomorrow as the sober voice of reason."

It's a real adventure for him, and I don't want him to miss the experience. But I worry about his sixteen year old psyche and how he'll make choices. I have no doubt about his strength of character and his value set. I just fear he'll get caught up in the moment and do something stupid. Lord knows I've been there myself.

Anyhow, back to the moment. I brought a CD with me to play as we drove. I insisted we listen to that CD first. Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Animal. Boy did that bring back memories! Of course the volume had to be loud, just short of audio distortion. That's the only way to listen to Sweet Jane. Son2 pointed out the virtuosity of John Prakash on bass, I'd never noticed that before.

Both my sons have inherited my love of music. I can't say that I understand or appreciate what they listen to but I try to respect their choices. I know my dad never understood the Allman Brothers or John McLaughlin or Jimi Hendrix. It took me a few years but I grew to appreciate what he liked, the Big Band era. I hope my sons will someday appreciate this music too, as well as what I was immersed in when I was growing up. Son1 has a favorite blues CD that he listens to, so maybe there's hope!

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