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July 11, 2003 - 11:31 p.m.

Work work work

Thatís what Iíve decided to to, because I have little else to do these days. Thereís plenty of it to do, and I can use the overtime pay.

Have I told you folks how much I like my job? Itís a blissful feeling being Employed, especially since I was Unemployed for all those months. When I started this job in October, I dropped right in, a perfect fit. The people I work with are great, and itís the kind of stuff Iíve been doing for almost 20 years.

The owner of the place is a grandfatherly type. He doesnít have to come in but he does almost every day and shuffles around the place. He always wears suspenders. His calm demeanor and folksy style belies his sharp business acumen and his technical knowledge.

I walked up to him last week and told him that this was the best job Iíve ever had. I wasnít sucking up to him, I really meant it. The best part is, I can see areas where I can add value and I plan on doing it. Thatís the nice part about working for a small company; you can stand out and make a difference.

Lately Iíve felt more at peace with myself. Iíve had this emptiness inside me for a long time, and I think Iíve been trying too hard to fill it. Iíve been going about it the wrong way too. Recently though Iíve decided to just leave things alone and have more patience with the way things are right now. It may take a lot more lifetime to get what I need, but I feel like I should just let it happen. If things go the way I hope, itís going to happen. I just need to have more patience about it. There are some hard realities that I lost sight of in the past year. Theyíre still there.

Back to work tomorrow for more work work work. Iím betting on a big payoff.

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