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August 11, 2002 - 8:32 a.m.

Home Repair in Hell

(...and not my Hell)

Hi kids.

How ya doooin?

I had a thing for Led Zepplin yesterday. So I went to the internet well to fill my bucket. I got a bunch of their old bluesy stuff. AND Misty Mountain Hop. Oh oh yeah! (love the discordant chords in the second refrain) Some guy had a version on-line called "Misty Mountain Top". Ah well, read the lyrics dude.

I'm a nice guy. Have I mentioned that lately? Yeah, I am. My ex wants to install a ceiling fan in her bedroom, and I said I'd do it. And this is no "Screw-it-to-the-existing-ceiling-box" job either, kids. This is a full fledged "Climb-in-to-the-hellish-attic-and-install-a-box-and-wire-it-to-an-existing-circuit" gig. There's a hundred bucks in it for me, so maybe I'm not so nice.

Since she's hooked up with Blimey, her place has really started looking better. Of course they started in her bedroom. Ick. Then they shoveled out the kids room this summer. Her fridge crapped out, and the landlord gave her an $800 allowance to go buy a new one. Of course she gets a 23 cubic foot behemoth with water and ice in the door... and it doesn't fit. Missed it by one inch. She asked if I could help whack an inch off the adjacent counter surface so they could wedge it in... an impossible task. She and Blimey had decided to put the portable dishwasher in the space where the old fridge was, and plant the new white behemoth in the middle of the kitchen wall where the dishwasher stood. That ought to do it, it's not MY kitchen! I arrived for the aborted countertop hack job in time to see the new plan. I held up my tape measure for her to see and suggested she buy one of them before the next trip to the appliance store. Blimey's a good guy, but he has no experience with the nuts and bolts of home repair, he's always been a "point and pay" kinda guy. So I patiently explained how compression fittings worked, so he could install the copper tubing for the ice maker in the fridge's new location. Anyone want to lay odds that it'll be yours truly doing the copper tubing thing too? I just realized he doesn't have a tubing cutter!

Well, time to shower so I can sweat some more!

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