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March 30, 2002 - 9:51 p.m.

Strange Days

Haircut 100

Son2 was sprouting quite a Mohawk. Everything I said about judging books by their covers was lost on him. He was upset by people staring at him, but he persisted in his right to be an Individual. He even bleached it so he could paint it different colors with washable markers. He had a strong belief in his right to look different, and I supported that belief. He actually learned a lot about human nature and the shallowness of some people.

The things we do for Love.

Mohawk-Boy met a girl and fell for her hard. She didnít mind the Mohawk all that much, bless her heart. She understood the Individuality that he was going for. But she wasnít sure that her dad would have the same open minded attitude.

Yesterday was Meet the Parents night.

He was nervous. He was unsure. He was conflicted. I assured him that if he was polite and respectful he would be fine. Well, heíd been thinking a lot and maybe it was time to shave off the Mohawk. (yes!) It wasnít just for MTP night, he assured me. I think the fun of being an Individual was wearing off.

We zipped that baby off in about three minutes. We took lots of pictures first.

MTP night went very well. Turns out the Dad is not an ogre after all.

Happy Easter

Sons 1 and 2 were supposed to go to MI today to spend their Spring Break at the grandparentís house. The timing didnít jibe with Son1ís plans to have one last visit with Sweetie before she left for FL. Plus he discovered that Blimey was part of the travel party and apparently thereís a bit of friction between him and the kids. Apparently Spidey becomes a different person in Blimeyís presence. They allege that sheís trying too hard to please him, to their detriment. I kept my mouth shut and listened.

There was a lot of yelling and screaming between Spidey and Son1 when she arrived. They didnít go. She stormed off in a huff. Son1 and Spidey are so alike in the temper tantrum department. I wonderÖ does she realize that? I'll probably be the one that drives them to MI tomorrow, but I don't mind. Iím glad they stayed a little longer. I went to the store and got some of those little Reeseís cups in Easter colors. The Easter Bunny is going to visit here tomorrow and hide them all around the house. I donít care that they are ten years past believing in a sentient varmint that gives out candy. These traditions persist.

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