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2006-09-22 - 14:45

Friday, without the Five

The weather for this weekend looks as if it's all beckoning us to drink heavily and watch a bunch of rented movies with the blinds closed. Hmmm, sounds like a travelogue from my past. I remember getting drunk whilst watching Leaving Las Vegas. I think you pretty much have to.

Actually this was going to be the Big Garage Sale weekend, what with the Big Garage Sale I was going to host in my garage. I even cleaned up the joint, in anticipation. My garage has never looked better! But alas, the weather's going to suck, and The Artist wasn't ready, and she was the prime contributor. 60 hour work weeks don't lend themselves to sorting and pricing. She has most of the contents of her mom's house in her garage. She became the Caretaker of Mom, a thankless job, so I'm told. So come and visit our sale next week, Everything Must Go! You could set up housekeeping with what we'll have for sale. Newly Divorced Dads, take note.

I did my civic duty this week, I got picked for jury duty. And unlike the last time I got picked, I actually got into the courthouse. Let me tell you people, the Terr'sts have won. When I am unable to carry my trusty keychain pocketknife into the courthouse, the Terr'sts have won.

I walked into a packed jury holding tank, there had to be about 200 people, waiting. I got called with about 30 other people, we trudged upstairs (completely bypassing security, good thing I didn't have my dangerous pocketknife on me) and I got picked from the first batch. The judge was a good host, he invited us all back to the trial, a day and a half later. I was kinda looking forward to this, a chance to view American Justice from the ultimate spectator's position. But it was Not Meant To Be, the judge declared a mis-trial. There was something about one of the defendants spouses and the judge, conflict of interest, blah blah blah. Better luck next time, I guess. I got some impromptu vacation time out of it, and a glimpse into courtroom life which is always a bizarre slice of Americana.

What's your weekend looking like?

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