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September 09, 2006 - 10:14 a.m.

So anyhoo

The days have that Fall feel to them. The light is more direct and the air is drier. Even when it gets hot in the late afternoon, it's not that bad.

It's a dry heat. Heh.

I like this slow transition of the season when it begins. I notice the early harbingers: the first tree with a reddish cast, the roadside weeds blowing off seeds and changing color; the shock of water on everything from the overnight temp drop below the dewpoint and the increasingly tardy daybreak.

I just got back from hanging towels outside to dry, it's laundry day people. Here's the thing about living on a city lot:
They replaced the asphalt patchwork quilt of a road about four years ago. Now it's flat and smooth concrete, looks real nice. My house is at the crest of a hill, the river nearby cut a huge valley into the landscape eons ago. The late model concrete ribbon climbs up out of that crease in the terrain, five lanes wide. They used a diamond saw to cut radial grooves in the freshly cured concrete, it drains the rainwater away nicely. But every car on the road today has steel belted radial tires. One unexpected consequence of steel belted radial tires is that they're noisier from outside the car. An old man explained that to me, about 25 years ago. I hadn't noticed until he explained it, there's a rushing sound that comes from a car in the distance, it's those radial steel belts. They make a hollow whirring sound too, when they make contact with the regularly spaced grooves in the concrete surface. It's a low howl off in the distance when the wind is right, a howl that slowly increases in pitch as the cars gather speed cresting the hill, in a slow curving arc. Roughly five seconds later I hear the rushing sound of steel belts as the car finally passes by me on the road about a city lot size away. There are houses and trees to muffle the sound, but if you pay attention to these things, you can hear them.

This applies to more than just tire noise.

The First Knucklehead is at it again, presto change-o we do have prisons after all! But these weren't regular prisoners, boys and girls. These were super special prisonors! These were collectors edition prisonors, the cream of the crop. The most dasterdly, the most heinous enemies to Freedom(tm) and Liberty(tm) boys and girls. And so he had to extract information from these bad people in order to keep Terr(tm) from overtaking the streets of Murricah. I'm really glad that God chose W to be president. Since God and politics have been best buddies lately, His divine effects have been felt in the state of Florida. I'd call her a milf, but she scares me with the things she says.

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