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2006-08-31 - 15:01

I'm not dead

Rumors of my demise are just that. I've just had my hands full (heh) lately.
I've been trying to think of an alias for my Main Squeeze. I think the best one that's been rolling around in my head is The Artist (since prince settled his dispute I hear that name is available.) So be it.
Anyhoo, when I met The Artist her kitchen consisted of primed drywall, two copper stubs and a drain where the sink was supposed to be and a ceramic tile floor. I guess the last guy she hired to assemble her Ikea cabinets just stopped showing up. He forgot all his tools too, I've been wiping his initials off of all of them. Acetone takes them right off. Thanks for the DeWalt cordless drill dude, it's really nice.
So, my mission was clear: help her finish the kitchen. I
that the minute I laid eyes on the place and I told her that. When I showed up with my tools that evening, she knew that I'm a "mean what I say" kinda guy. Plus I didn't screw anything up. Plus Ikea cabinets are pretty easy to install, if you can figure out their wordless instruction sheets. It's not rocket science, but it does take a little planning. Her kids even got into the act, they installed the last of the base cabinets while The Artist and I were dining out. When I plumbed in the sink and dishwasher I felt like Santa Claus. I've never seen so much gratitude, but then I've never lived without running water in the kitchen for nine months either.
Since then, we've been painting. She wants to repaint the entire downstairs part of the house. We have a goal to get it all done before the weather turns cold. Our original deadline of Labor Day ain't gonna happen.
So did I tell you guys that she is just the greatest? I feel closer to her than anyone ever before which is nice, I've been missing "grownup time." She's goofy like me. She gets my jokes. She knows there's more to life than meets the eye, that was a big one. She hasn't seen a collection plate in years, that was a big 'un too. Her kids seem to like me too.
Life is good.

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