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January 07, 2006 - 8:47 a.m.

A New Year

It was a good Christmas. Sons One and Two enjoyed a digital camera extravaganza. Two knew One was getting one; not knowing there was one for him too. Two gave me a copy of The Sims 2, I am once again addicted. One gave me the gift of a car wash and wax. It was the only gift he could give, seeing as he's completely on my payroll. Anything he could buy would be a gift to myself; he's becoming a clever man.

It was another good year in the testing biz. My generous benefactor at work was indeed generous again this year, more xmas duckies than last year. So I went out and got a few presents for myself. My Canon printer died. I gave it quite a workout in its early years with all that cash flow nonsense. Son 1 and I trekked up to Frys on New Years Eve. The Canon rep was there, he confirmed what I'd learned on line, but damn it if the one I wanted sold out for Christmas. Of course I had to step up. This printer is amazing. The prints look just like what comes from the drugstore. But I get to print them, using this.

While we were in the store, Son 1 said, "Why don't you get yourself a digital camera?" So I did. It plugs directly into my printer. I've been having a lot of fun with all this new stuff.

Son1 is evolving. I can see the growing maturity in him. He picks up after himself! He's still a slob, but he understands the concept of putting-away-what-you-got-out. In his new world, there's no one there to empty the wastebasket, or do the laundry or get your fucking shoes out of the doorway. His extracurricular learning is progressing as nicely as his classroom and lab work. He really wants to come back home and his visits here reinforce that reality. Five months. Lord let the plane land safely. So to speak.

Son2 got a tattoo last night. He's given this a lot of thought, two years ago he mentioned it to me. He lives in a different culture than I do; it's that generation gap discovered forty years ago brought to the present day. I'd never get one; I could never think of anything I'd want marked on my skin for the rest of my life. I'll let what God gave me speak for itself. These days though, tattoos are as common as shoes; or uncommon as I've seen for myself. Son2 is immersed in that culture. Not only that, the state of IL decided that an 18 year old kid is legally capable of turning his or her skin into a sort of virtual canvas. (I guess the Tattoo Lobby in Springfield did their job well.) I believe that it's his arm and his decision, and he's not being frivolous. He chose to have his name inked on his arm, in an arc. He said it hurt like hell. He's no stranger to that, having his first root canal at age five.

It looks nice. You won't see it here.

I hope all my readers can make 2006 the best yet. That's my goal!

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