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August 13, 2005 - 10:13 a.m.

Dual Dogs

A week ago Son2 and I were outside, out in front of the house. Tan Dog was with us of course, sniffing around and doing dog stuff. She's getting on in years, her distance vision isn't so good; but it was good enough to spot a white cat across the street. She gave chase.

Unfortunately, a sedan was rushing in to occupy the same space in the street. Tandy and the driver saw each other at about the same time and I'm happy to report that the ABS stopped the car, mere inches from the Tan Dog. She regained her composure and gave chase to the cat, who cornered more quickly and was outta there.
So anyhow, that got me to thinking... the Tan Dog was always happiest when April was alive and still around. Not the drooling, semi-paralyzed and half blind April; the fiesty one, the one that would rough and tumble with just a nose nudge to the hindquarters. Had it not been for computerized brakes (and the driver's good sense in mashing that pedal to the floor) I would have watched my dog die for the second time in this life. One time was enough, thanks.

We can't know what's about to happen thankfully, so we have to do what we can now. Tandy could die in her sleep. We all could. I decided to congratulate her for surviving that chance encounter by getting her a pal. So Son2 and I ended up at Dog Adoption Day. I didn't even know there was a dog adoption day, we ended up there by driving north. It was being held at the vet clinic where ten years previous I had dropped off a little white dog and a black cat. Not for good, just for boarding. We were between houses on my trek around the lake to start another lifetime.

So there we were in a crowd of people with Humane Society t-shirts and sheets of paper with dog pictures and descriptions. We knew we wanted an older dog, we don't have time for puppies. They would bring dogs out for people to meet. That's where we met this bitch:

Six to eight months earlier, she had been dropped off and pregnant. Someone found her by the road and cold, and they took her in. She had her pups, they'd been weaned and given away. She went from foster house to foster house. At one point they said she "mothered" another litter of pups. She was just a laid back dog, a good companion, and a little funny looking.

I'm a sucker for a hardcase. I also like mutts. I've never seen one like this though, she's made of all different types of dog parts. She has a beagle kind of hound face perched on a long large sized dog body, with short stocky legs. She's a different type of dog, depending on which direction you look at her; a multi-faceted specimen of canine custom blending. Here, have a look:

Now I'm back to dual dogs again, a condition I said I'd never tolerate again. Once again, I confirm my belief that the word "never" is always a relative term. Had we more dire consequences for proclaiming that we will never ever do this or that again like say maybe death[?] we might measure our words more carefully. I'll reserve that sort of Twilight Zone existence for another lifetime perhaps. In the meantime, let's just be friends.

Our new occupant is adjusting nicely, to the point where she barks when the doorbell rings. She's also talkative, she'll let out sort of a half-yelp if she's trying to make a point. She's also much younger; the docs estimate her at three, drop-offs have very short pedigrees. She's playful, and has a different style than the Tan Dog. When she's hyped and her tail is whirling like a little crank she'll start to gallop slow circles around the house. She's twice Tandy's size but our little tan welterweight is pretty light on her feet. It's been a few years since she's swapped spit with another dog. I think Molly's bulk may be a bit intimidating at first. If they have as much fun playing as Tandy did with April, Molly may lose some of those rolls left over from motherhood. Beagles also tend to turn into furry sausage bodied dogs with twigs for legs.

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