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July 17, 2005 - 9:34 a.m.


I have a rare moment of privacy. Son1's in TX of course, and Son2 spent the night at a friend's house.
I like Sunday monings with our little local rag and some freshly brewed coffee. I've been looking at real estate listings, but not seriously. There are two houses for sale on my street, one right across from the other. It will be interesting to see if these houses move, they'll be a test case for mine. Not that they'll actually move, mind you... that activity is reserved for a time fifteen or twenty years from now.
I've decided to bide my time for awhile, do some paint and fix up for awhile. I think I can bribe Son1's friend to re-roof my garage, but I'll wait until the weather's a bit more merciful. I decided last fall when I did the balcony roof that I'm a bit too old to be climbing and kneeling and pounding on a roof. I can do the work, but I have a 19 year old guy who is hungry for income, and he's intelligent. I hope he realizes how smart he is while he still is young enough to take advantage of it.
I did something yesterday I haven't experienced in 15 years! I got a tooth (well, two) teeth filled. I like this dentist, I can walk to his office. His dental machinery looks just like the stuff that was new when I was a kid. He's about my age too. And he isn't hell bent on making every tooth in my head look like new. I had a tooth break in half about 5 years ago, it's a molar near the back. It's been a ticking time bomb ever since Mean Joe Green filled it 39 years ago. It was that filling I had 15 years ago, my dentist warned me at the time it was gonna split like a lightning struck tree one day. It did of course, and the last dentist I visited insisted it must be root canaled and crowned. But it still functioned just fine as a tooth. Didn't even hurt, that is until the bastard took a Q-Tip loaded with freeze spray and touched it. I was ready to come out of that chair and re-arrange his dental work for that fucking sadistic move! But in typical JohnnieV fashion I just left and never went back. This guy I'm seeing now (oooo... intriguing!) knows that it's still a functional tooth, it just ain't as pretty these days. (Sounds like the tooth's owner.) It will be left alone until it hurts. He did put some magical substance in the holes he worked on yesterday before packing in the filling that is supposed to heal the decay and perhaps prevent the need for a future canal job on one of the teeth. I hope it works.
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