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May 26, 2005 - 11:38 p.m.


I had my day in court today. I'm getting my child support deductions eliminated because Son1 now lives with me. It's a three step, pain in the ass process. First I must file a motion for a hearing. The second step (today) is to stand before a judge while he/she reads your motion and determine if it's worthy of the court's time. They book the hearing, which is the money shot in this tedious little process.

The money shot in this case is a $135/wk pay raise for me. That's some serious booze money. That's top shelf single malt money. That's mine and I want it back.

I've done this myself once already, it's not rocket science, it's easy... right? Here's how easy I made it.

I suited up and arrived in the queue for the metal detecting Keep America Safe brigade. I feel safe from Terrsts and niggahs packin' nines aimin' to settle da sco' wid dat beeyotch. (I actually saw a guy who could have played that role. The bailiff tired of his non-stop stream of expletives, and refused to help him any further.) I went up to the third floor and zoomed into room 302.

It's sort of like controlled chaos in that room, confusing to an outsider like me. I sat through several DUI hearings. The voices in my head were howling at me "you're in the wrong room! check!" As usual I ignore. After an hour of sitting and not being called, I conclude that the voices are right. I should have been in 301.

I beat feet down to 301 just before the judge calls a recess. I go to the very cute court clerk and explain my stupidity. She feels the judge could sneak me in. Well, she does and then tells me she has a "conflict" in this case. Whatever. Get me done.

After walking through three empty courtrooms tailing the bailiff, it's clear that nothing is going to happen today. I set an appointment for next Thursday and head to my car. There I find another gift from my fair city, a $3.00 parking ticket.

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