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December 24, 2004 - 5:49 p.m.

The day before Christmas.

When someone wishes me Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, it catches me off guard. My ignorance of the holiday season brings on this change.  My Christmas shopping is done, I only buy for the kids.  I did the last bit of it yesterday in near zero weather.  I layered in Midwestern Sensibility and stayed warmer because of it.  My shopping trips are always focused events, I know what I want and go in to get it.  Although this time I was distracted by the Sony digital camcorders.  They've come a long way since my 1988 vintage RCA Small Wonder which was pretty small.  Een though 1 and 2 are adult sized they will still look different in years to come, and I still want to capture the now.
So I left Sons1 and 2 to fend for themselves and went off in search of X-Box kinda things.  I learned years ago in crowded bars that if you keep your head down and go in  a specific direction, people will see that you're not watching where you're going and instinctively get out of the way.  Try it sometime, it really works!  You have to look up from time to time for course corrections and openings, but plow straight forward.  It's almost as good as sirens and lights.
I made cookies in an attempt to further some sort of holiday feel.  Chocolate chip and of course a batch of Five Minute Fudge.  That oughta do it.  It did kinda sorta, but I've been preoccupied with an event that's on-going in my life (offline thank you very much).  I'd say it could be a good thing if it becomes a thing at all.  Oddsmakers are against it at this point.  That's okay too.
The Intrepid has noisy lifters.  There are about 30 that aren't making noise, but I need all 32.
We went out to the Long Name Mall, where Son2 works, to collect his paycheck on this, the day before Christmas.  The deep freeze is still underway but there was still mall traffic.  My informal poll resulted in 85-90% men, which supports the enduring stereotype of men being last minute shoppers.  Far be it from me to further a cultural stereotype, but I think it comes from strategic thinking.  Men strategically think about what they need, and go in to get it.  Women shop strategically too, but they plan strategies for future visits, spotting what looks good so they can watch for a sale.  I think they're better at imagining their living spaces, to picture what would look good and what wouldn't.  I deal more on the surface of things.
Like the surface of the living room wall.  I put up a picture there today, made by my mom 28 years ago.  It's a cross stitch of a Currier and Ives print that was mounted in an oak frame.  The glue let go in the journey from AZ back to the Midwest.  I re-glued and clamped it.  It makes a nice decoration for a Christmas that really isn't one here this year.

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