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November 27, 2004 - 8:56 p.m.

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Heady times, heavy times, days of darkened stormy rain, the kind that reminds you of why November in the Midwest sucks ass. It comes in sideways and machine guns rounds of icy bullets on the face. I'm happy to report that my black leather coat bought from the fine folks at Goodwill for twenty five dollars does a good job of stopping that winter flak. Oh sure, hoods look dorky, but I was one warm and dry dork as I marched into HOBO to retrieve some new light bulbs.

There's always an untold story behind the clothes at the Goodwill. Since I don't know the one behind the coat I wear, I made one up. Okay, here we go:

The coat was a gift to a young man, Girlfriend #1 bought it for Christmas at Wilson's Leather. It served him well but alas they were not as durable as the coat, they parted ways. The young man got custody of the coat in the proceedings, of course. It was a gift after all. Along comes Girlfriend #2 into the young man's life. Being young, he doesn't know what secrets to tell or keep, and it slips out that the coat she admired was a gift from Girlfriend #1. A steady erosion of faith grows and before long the girl declares that the presence of the coat in their life is an uncomfortable reminder of his past. (parenthetically of course since this is a very short story, Girl #1 and #2 knew each other at one time.) The young man happily obliges, and the coat ends up in my closet. The end.

I'm building bridges with Son1. Having him living with me has given us lots of what we haven't had in the past eight years: undivided time together. We have different filth thresholds, his is lower of course. He understands what a clean house is supposed to look like. But he doesn't have that leap of inspiration to do something about it. As in, "Hmmm, that wastebasket looks full, I'd better empty it." I am understanding, he comes from a much lower threshold environment, and he is adjusting. Sometimes that leap doesn't come until you've had to keep house on your own.

I'm learning how Son1 is as he evolves into that "what do I do now" phase of his life. I remember being there myself. I remember the uncertainty of going off to do something you've never done before, the bumpers that used to keep us out of the gutters have been deflated and pulled away. I think he'll be fine.

He's good company for the Tan Dog too.

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