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June 26, 2004 - 6:17 p.m.

Medium Rare

I like the sound of that. Rarity. Translucent. Communicator.

He's 17. He and I are alike in many ways, especially when I see seventeen year old Son2. It's me at 17, but a little different. He's being raised by a father who sees him as an echo of himself. An echo in every way too, with the bad and the good reflecting back at him, reminding him, alarming him.

Alarming in the fact that Son2's father now has the gift of time travel, and can see Son2's direction with that vision. His father sees this as an opportunity.

But Son2 doesn't have to listen. His father knows that; because he himself would have heard nothing as well, at seventeen. His own father appeared oblivious to what was going on in his mind, his father wasn't emotionally prepared to share that kind of stuff. Son2's grandfather had a little of his own angst to think about at that time, his career was changing direction. Gerald Ford's brave economy was falling flat on it's face and his base was drying up. He now had to go work for somebody. After being self-employed for the majority of his career, this was a huge difference.

Son2's father went through that very same thing a few years ago. In fact, the pieces for that collapse were taking place right about the same time that Son2's grandfather was getting ready to die. They drove out there to see him that last summer of his life. They drove for two days, they stayed for two days, then they took the next two days driving back. His grandfather was pale and used up with a radiation sunburn on his neck from the brute force blasting going on in the cancerous knob there. Cancer missed him once, but it came swinging back around and got him the second time. What Son2's father saw in him was a man who was getting ready to leave the earth. He'd undergone some reckoning by then. Son2's father could see that he'd gained a different perspective on what was truly important in the span of one lifetime. He could also hear it in his father's voice. They knew that they would never see each other on this earth again. Oh, they'd still see each other in the future but it would take on a different form.

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