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June 09, 2004 - 12:41 p.m.

Waste heat

Q: What is white, has four wheels and a defective radiator?
A: My car, I think.

Itís been running hot since my trip up North last weekend. Either the thermostatís bad or the radiator doesnít flow like itís supposed to. Running the heater full blast tends to bring the temp back down. Thatís a really nice thing on a 90 degree day with no air conditioning.

Oh yeah, last weekend. Saturday was Son1ís graduation party hosted by Spidey the Bitch and Blimey, at Blimeyís palatial estate. All my ex-in-laws were there, I felt slightly less welcome than a fart in church. Oh they were nice enough but still, Iím an outlaw now.

After spending the appropriate amount of time there, Son2 and I drove up to Wisconsin to see Newt and The New Beau. They were visiting at Big Brotherís house. The New Beau seems nice enough, he has a very charming Southern accent, he was born and raised in GA. Newt and TNB are gonna get married, if he ever gets his shit together. Hey Newt, isnít it funny, the things we make fun of? How about Vagina Beards? Are they still funny too?

(for those of you not on the inside a ďVagina BeardĒ is that facial hairstyle when men grow hair around their mouths. Get it? Lips surrounded by fur. Ha ha ha. Itís popular with everyone but me.)

Son2 and I stayed overnight at Big Brotherís big house, and hung around for most of the next day. I enjoyed talking to my new sister in law, sheís very insightful. Big Brother bought her a new set of fake boobs, they look pretty nice too. On the drive home, less than thirty minutes from home, I noticed the temp gauge higher than normal so I pulled over and let it cool, for about an hour. There was plenty of coolant in the recovery tank, so Iím guessing the radiator doesnít have enough capacity to maintain temp when the car does a steady 80 MPH. Oh well, it can waitÖ itíll have to.

Last night the Sons had friends over, they ate up all my burgers hot dogs and fries. But they were having fun splashing around in the pool, I didnít mind it that much. I especially enjoyed the taut teenage girl flesh on display in string bikinis. Ah yes. One of Son1ís friends wanted to spend the night, his step-dad called to ensure it was reality and someone responsible would be there. You tawking to me? I said yes, Iím here all night and Iíll get him up when I leave for work. They wanted him home by 8 AM. Huh?

So at 6:45 AM this morning I went into Son2ís room to do just that. I look on the floor and see two sleeping figures under a blanket. Hmmm, one is decidedly female. I had no idea, I guess they pulled another fast one on me.

I forgot to tell them the rules, there will be no female companions spending the night, unless she gives me a blow job first.

Kidding. Iím KIDDING.

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