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May 10, 2004 - 11:47 p.m.

Key to joy and others

Yesterday confirmed what I've known for a month. As the Beatles opined in a haze of pot smoke and wisdom: Life goes on within you and without you.

Actually I've known this for more than a month. I got the news, not today (oh boy) but about 25 years ago. A guy I'd never met before held my father's ring and told me things he couldn't have known. He gave me warnings I didn't understand. He saw bad things in the front end of my car. Afterwards, my brakes failed. I hit a curb in a burst of drunken splendor and altered the geometry of the suspension of that car forever.

We get hints. Do we pay attention? I didn't then, but I learned. I have been paying attention since then. The problem lies in knowing the difference.

I met a guy yesterday, he talked to mom. Actually she talked, he listened. She had a lot to say and had a limited amount of time to say it. He was impressed by her directness, and her occasional impatience as he failed to keep up with her. I had no doubt it was her, the references she brought forth were obvious validation that she was there. Cancer treated then gone then back again? Check. September's somber song? Check. August significance? Check.

And then the impossible Trifecta of obscure references: Colorado and the Phone Company. She got three sisters in one reference. Once I had explained it to him after she'd gone, he was more awestruck than me.

It's an obscure form of communication but it's one I recognize. It has no place in 21st Century mainstream religion, but the foundation of what passes for religion these days has roots in prophecy. Well that is before the Egyptians and the Catholics kicked the shit out of anyone claiming contact with things unseen.

Having this gift is no different than artistic ability or musical ability. But if you're "in touch with spirits" you're either crazy or trying to make a dishonest buck. Light the pyre Jeremiah, we got us another heretic!

It's real. It happens, and it happens to people I love and people I'm related to. I'm not missing this opportunity. I've seen it work for me.

It could work for you too. The best part is, there are no collection plates involved in the process. The power is as free as the sun and just as intense.

Humans don't die, they just change states.

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