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April 25, 2004 - 9:25 p.m.

Brain Fart

I wish you'd known me when I was alive.
Up every morning, answering alarm clock at five,
(with a quick swat for at least ten minutes reprieve.)
Doing my duty each day, the obedient dog,
Trudging through that life, sometimes in a fog
To complete a milestone of a life in my log.
Teaching lessons to some who could have been brothers
Sharing genes in this now life
But what of the others?
My life was a full one, complete as could be.
Complete as I'd let it,
The potential, forget it,
Perhaps I peaked at age three?
Read my book, it's all in there, I tried to do right
My illusion had fogged me, my left from my right
Turned into a terrible emotional fight.
It left me alone on much more than one night.
But perhaps alone I was destined to be?
The girls, they confused me,
Attract / repel and elude me,
Making questions about what would be.
And now I'm beyond in some far away plane,
With the record of past life laid out like a train.
Of events that had changed me,
Regrets having stained me,
And kept me from what I was destined to be?
"Nonsense!" a voice shouts from the rear
Echoing clear in between what's left of my ears
Like the voice I carried years in my head
Directors of dreams I had, nights in my bed.
"We helped all we could, couldn't you hear?
We had always been there for you over in here.
Remember that time you avoided a fight?
With your words you defused it,
Smoothed over, but confused it,
You surrendered your essence that night."
With new vision I look at the train of my life.
Clarity beyond age,
As I turn each page,
And discover the meaning of strife.
And now you can see as my life drew to a close,
I was no closer to truth in that life I suppose,
Than a dog is to getting the meaning of time.
But my soul has progressed,
Over now, did my best.
And I wistfully bid farewell to the ones left behind.

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