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April 17, 2004 - 10:53 a.m.

The Times

It's a heady time, this Spring thing. It reminds me of last year, and the emptiness I felt. Hey, guess what? The emptiness is still there!

Last night Son2 and I went to the Ace Drive In for supper. It's a carryover from older times, a little hot dog stand. There are picnic tables, and places for cars to park. They even have trays that hang from the window of your car, if you choose to dine in front of the steering wheel. I prefer the picnic tables. The road expansion two years ago cut way into its territory but still it thrives. They have young girls who serve up the goods. They're always very cute and required to wear white. White shorts when its warm and white pants when it's cold. A very cute blonde with very creamy thighs (it was warm) served our order. She was much more delicious looking than the food. Let's not think about the fact that I'm old enough to be her father. Sexual longing has no borders... well, almost. Mine spans about 25 years in the negative direction and 10 in the positive. An old man like me would never have a chance with a young thing like that, but I'm still allowed to dream. And with typical JohnnnieV restraint, I keep my thoughts to myself. Well, except for here.

With one hunger satisfied we returned home to sit on the front porch to enjoy the evening. It was a beautiful night. We went out back where we finally found the chains to hang the hammock. Yay. It's good to have that thing out again. Son2 decided it was time to climb the tree in the corner of the lot. He started knocking dead branches out of it, and before long we had the tree saw out, with serious intent on providing kindling wood for our little terra-cotta fireplace. By the time it was dark we had a nice little fire going, and a fresh helping of more wood to burn.

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