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March 21, 2004 - 11:07 a.m.

Hating Men

No, not men with perpetual bad attitudes. Women hating men. It can be so subtle. Sometimes it's justified, but sometimes it's just unresolved stuff.

Case in point. Don't bother clicking it, by the way... it's locked. K-Lo pointed me this way long ago. Erlenweg's an interesting read, she's had more heart ache lately than humans should be allowed to endure. Her ex-husband sounds like a pretty heinous bastard. I've been hearing a lot of ex-husband stories lately... most of them are thoughtless immature bastards with drinking/smoking problems. Some of them even have unresolved Saran Wrap fetishes. I'm an ex-husband too, I don't think I'm so bad.

Anyhoo, Erlenweg's ex-bastard started reading her diary, which upset her. (Again, don't bother with the link. I put it in again because hyperlinks are so gosh darn easy and fun to put in when you use this!) She threatened to lock the darn thing again. I wanted to be on the inside of the lock, so I sent her an email asking for a copy of the key. (In my mind they look like those little plastic cards you get in a hotel. By the way have you ever read someone who gets so parenthetical? Is that a word?)

The very next day, the door was locked. Damn. I didn't get a key. I'm not surprised, she doesn't know me at all, unless of course she checks her sitemeter database and sees my loyal following. And of course I am a man and not to be trusted.

It takes awhile to get over the sting of divorce. The "experts" say it takes a year or more to resolve things, and some folks need more than a year. Some go 17 years and are still effed up post divorce neurotics. Do not go on dates with those women.

Perhaps "hate" is too strong a word, lack of trust is probably closer to reality. I certainly had my trust in women shaken a few times, and I've been bitter because of it. (Remember? You read it here!) The only cure for that is time.

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