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February 28, 2004 - 11:57 a.m.

3 weeks

Smoke free for three weeks. I'm so glad I made this decision, it's nice to have my normal life again. I sometimes wish I could have one, but I'm a junkie, none for me.

The effects are subsiding. Coughing is no longer a way of life. Sometimes when I cough though, huge chunks of tar begin calving off the sides of the glacier. Very productive indeed.

I paint word pictures, there's no rule that states they all have to be pretty.

The best part so far is that my old friend is back. I missed him, but he's back! Okay people, give it up y'all... put your hands together and welcome back JohnnieV's Sense of Smell!

[wild applause and hooting erupts, typical of a daytime TV talk show]

JV: Welcome back my old friend, how ya been?
JV's SoS: Pretty good, my brother, feels like I never left.
JV: So what have you been doing since I got stupid and began smoking again?
JV's SoS: Oh you know, the usual. Been sleeping a lot and watching TV. It got pretty boring with nothing to do. I got pretty fed up with being smoked out, so I just shut down. Thanks for nothing, pal.
JV: Hey calm down! I understand how you could be upset, but you have to admit, this is nothing like the years from 1972 to 1986.
JV's SoS: Oh yeah, I thought you'd never stop. That was so long a time that I just plain forgot what things smelled like. But I remember that I came back just in time for the smell of dirty diapers.
JV: Amen, brother. So what's in store for us, now that we're back together?
JV's SoS: All the things you've forgotten, man. The scent of bacon that lingers in the house late afternoons after a special Sunday breakfast. The smell of woodsmoke on a cool spring night, sitting by the campfire. And I have to admit, that whiff of perfume on Girl Two last night was pretty nice. Subtle and sweet, just how I like it. What was that thing you used to call too much perfume?
JV: Perfume Propwash. If scents were visible in the light spectrum it would look like a vapor trail.
JV's SoS: Yeah well, that's outta my area of expertise. But I'm the one that drives you crazy and triggers memories based on perfume scents, remember? Remember the Girly? Remember her perfume?
JV: Stop it, or I'll go buy a pack.
JV's SoS: Ha! I know you better than that! I'm in your head too, remember?
JV: Yeah I know. I have to say, of all the things I drove away while I smoked, I missed you the most. Think of it, if smoking affected our vision like it affects our sense of smell, where would RJ Reynolds be today?
JV's SoS: That's deep, man. Real deep. Hey, isn't about time we stopped this stupid concept and got back to reality?
JV: Right you are. Well, nice to have you back... I'll smell you later!
JV's SoS: Ha. You kill me.
JV: I know.

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