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November 03, 2003 - 9:25 p.m.

A learning experience

For both of us.

Sons One and Two had a party here in my absence. While I was in Dallas they were here drinking beer and eating large quantities of food. They had help. I'm not exactly sure what happened but it didn't take much detective work to figure it out.

"C'mon JohnnieV you had parties at your parent's house when they were gone" you are all saying. Sure I did, but I wasn't so fucking stupid about leaving evidence all around the place. I kept a lid on it and I cleaned it all up. These guys wanted to get caught.

I busted Son2 on it the night I got back. He coughed it all up, he knew I knew. I insisted he come over and clean up the mess they left in the kitchen. It took all of ten minutes, and he did do a good job. Where was that talent on Sunday?

Son1 lost the key he had just been given the privilege of having three days previous. He was not as contrite as Son2, in fact he was quite belligerent about it. We haven't quite dealt with that.

As a consequence of the events of October 25 they lost a few more privileges. The computer was off-limits, for one. There was a Halloween party scheduled at DB's house, Son2's best friend. I arrived there that day after work to pick up Son2, he wasn't staying. I explained to Miss D., DB's mom about how he couldn't stay. Miss D expressed regret and suggested that maybe Son2 might behave better next time. Son2 came home with me and promptly fell asleep by 8:30PM.

I had a nice talk with Son2 that Saturday morning about responsibility, and he gave me details about what happened the previous weekend. He admitted to lots of beer but he also said he hid the car keys of those that were truly loaded and they spent the night at my house. I explained what could happen if the cops came and busted the party, they would be waiting for me at the airport upon my return.

I was out changing the oil in my car on Saturday afternoon when Son2 came out to give me the news. Apparently the cops busted the Halloween party the night before, the one he had missed. They put the bracelets on Miss D. They called the parents of all the kids that were there, at least the ones that didn't jump the fence or hide in closets. The parents had to come pick up their kids and sign a release for them. DB got to see his mom escorted into a squad car. But the crown jewel of the night was Son2's friend Adam. He arrived, cranked up on ecstasy and 14 doses of Coricidin. He started drinking and passed out just before the cops showed up. They summoned an ambulance. He's still in intensive care.

Adam's dad has been long out of the picture and he doesn't get along with his step-dad or his mom, so he has been living at Miss D's house. That came to an end. He's going into drug rehab if he comes out of this. Miss D is looking forward to a future court date.

Son2 and I went over there on Sunday afternoon to talk to her. I think she is just too permissive and too lenient on what happens in that house. Just because it "stays in the basement" doesn't make it right. This was due to happen, I just thank our spirit guides it didn't happen with Son2 in the house. Miss D got religion all right, I hope to see some changes there. I don't know how many friends DB will have after all this, a lot of those kids aren't allowed over there any more. She assured us there won't be any more underage drinking in that house. She could get socked with a civil suit if this thing with Adam goes any worse than it has.

The good that came from all this? Son2 got a clear picture of what can happen when things go horribly wrong, and he has a new appreciation for my stern views on things.

It's nice to be right for a change.

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