Whoa! Didja get the numbers off that truck?!?

September 28, 2003 - 11:39 p.m.


Caterpillars spin their cocoons. Leaves turn. Dogs sprout a heavier coat of fur. JohnnieV looks for new sources of heat loss to plug.

Autumn dawned this weekend with cool Fall sunrise and low temperatures causing the brand new boiler downstairs to spring to life. People who live in a climate with one season tend to miss this but according to my calendar she's coming back for this one. I hope it's fricking cold, Mary K!

The mystery of how the plexiglass window in the basement storm door got broken was never solved. I didn't exactly buy the story they fed me, the "accident" that cause a huge hole to get punched into the plexiglass window. The basement storm door is a notorious piece of crap anyhow, begging to be replaced.

Son1 and I embarked on that task today, which involved peeling off old door trim and installing new, making the door opening size right for the new cheap ass mill finish aluminum storm door I bought at Menards yesterday. Gardenangel and I went there yesterday, I was in search of the cheapest-ass storm door I could find. No high dollar Larson storm door for me, this is the back of the house, a door used only for taking trash out and checking pool chemistry.

Son1 and I had to go back there today for more supplies to make the doorframe fit the door. They have a tendency to run their mindless jingle over the PA periodically, just in case you forgot where you were. Every time it ran, Son1 would look at me with a partially maniacal look on his face and cry out "my GOD they're playing it AGAIN!" Our brand of insanity is lost on the locals. He spotted a cute checkout chick, but alas her light was off when we were ready. So sad. But gosh darn it, we saved BIG money, at Menards!

So my Autumnal Afternoon was spent cutting and painting new brick molding to make the doorframe all purty, and ready for my new aluminum storm door. The door never made it up there, Son1 deserted me to be with his friends.

He'll be back.

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