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June 23, 2003 - 10:44 p.m.

I had a Talk with Son2. Not just a talk, a Talk. I connected to him in a way I hadnít ever before. We talked about a lot of stuff, mostly I talked while he listened.

I tried to explain that he was me. Simple concept on the surface isnít it? Sure it is, when youíre looking in the mirror. Looking in the mirror and seeing a person just like yourself. Itís a time warp of sorts, in the present day vernacular. What it expresses is far deeper and more meaningful. It even transcends generations.

While looking in that mirror, I used eyes that had the vantage point of thirty years. Thatís why it was easy for me to see. His was a difficult vision, I could tell by his reaction to it. By the end of our discussion, tainted by his aversion to a direct and clear message, I believed he understood it and us.

He understood it on a rudimentary level, you donít open discussions of this magnitude and finish in one night. I planted a seed of thought in his head, one Iíve struggled with for years. He struggles with it too, but in his own way.

I asked him what made him feel he was different. I donít mean ďdifferentĒ in the sense of uniqueness, I meant it in the sense of being different from the others. What was it? The dark clothes and assortment of hardware in the ears (I mean actual hardware at times) were a clear signal to all who approach, that Son2 was different. Why did he feel different, I asked.

He didnít know. Of course he didnít because he never really given it much thought. Heíd stuffed it all in a little box down inside him seven years ago. It bumps to the surface occasionally, and that was the stuff I wanted him to think about.

I didnít ask for answers there and then. All I asked was that he would start to think about it. I told him I would be there to help fill in the blanks. Speaking of blanks, he blotted out the entire memory of the actual move out of that house. Doesnít remember a thing.

I think tonight was the night when I realized it was time for me to help haul Son2ís psychic car out of the ditch. Heís been yelling at me pretty loudly that he and I are alike, in his own special semaphore. He's alike physically so too, I asked him to look at me directly, right in the eyes. I told him ďthis is you in 30 years.Ē I meant that on deeper levels too; more so than he grasped in that immediate moment.

We are alike. Inside and out we are, and I see me and the things I believed in. I saw the same beliefs in him, and it scared me.

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