Whoa! Didja get the numbers off that truck?!?

May 18, 2003 - 10:03 a.m.


Son1 went through a rite of passage last night. His first automobile accident.

He was coming home from work last night; on his way to momís house so he could pick up some clothes for his 10 day stay here (yippee!!) while his mom is out of town.

He was approaching the intersection at about 35 MPH. Opposite of him was a mid-nineties Crown Vic looking to make a left turn, in the intersection. As Son1 approached the intersection, the teenaged driver of the Crown Vic thought he could make the turn in time, a poor decision. Son1 saw this bad move, hit the binders, but too late. He hit the front right side of the Crown Vic in the middle of the intersection, coming to a sudden stop. The Crown Vic suffered only a broken corner light and a slightly bent front bumper (battering ram). Son1ís 1993 Laser now has a nicely folded hood and a large V-shaped crease in what used to be the plastic front panel of the car.

Son1ís shoulder belt had prevented his head from making a spider web in the windshield, but his shoulder hurt like hell from the stress of impact. He collected his glasses, which had flown off his face and drove the car into a nearby parking lot. His first impression was anger at the other driverís stupid maneuver, but he kept his cool. He was slightly in shock from what had just happened.

The other driver was instantly reluctant to file a police report, but Son1 knew if they didnít he was screwed. His car suffered some pretty severe damage, but it wasnít leaking any vital fluids. The new tires Iíd bought for him a few weeks ago probably increased his stopping time. The other driver said he didnít know the local police number; it might be difficult to make the call. (Hey Einstein, the local number is 911.) Son1 had his momís cell phone and made the call. He tried calling me but Son2 was on the phone to his latest girlfriend, the call didnít go through.

While this accident took place, good fortune put our neighbor at the scene of the accident; they saw the whole thing take place. The Crown Vicís driver claims he had the green left arrow on his side, but thatís impossible. Son1 had a green light on his side; in fact it had just come on. The Buick ahead of the Crown Vic had the green arrow and had cleared the intersection before Einstein moved in its place for his stupid maneuver.

Our neighborís daughter instant messaged Son2 on the computer when she arrived home, telling him that sheíd just seen a red car that looked like Son1ís, in an accident. Son2 dialed momís cell, and sure enough the news was true. He and I drove to the scene and got there shortly after midnight.

We arrived to see a dejected Son1 in his newly folded car and Einstein at the wheel of his yellow battering ram, staring straight ahead. The cop was still there with his revolving lights on, filling out the paperwork.

I took Son1 to the emergency room after we left; I wanted to make sure he didnít have a fracture from the accident. They X-rayed his shoulder, aside from some sore muscles, heíll be fine. Weíll drive over to where his red car is today and jack it up to make sure thereís no damage to prevent him from driving it. The headlights and turn signals are still intact; it just has a fractured smile. Einstein is paying for this one; I just hope they donít total the car.

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