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May 03, 2003 - 8:42 p.m.


Iíve shown restraint in my comments about how my ex lives her life. We didnít agree on many things and keeping a clean house was the biggest obstacle.

Iím not Mr. Clean by any means. Iíve been known to let things go; in fact my house could use a good cleaning right now. Itís been nice outside today and I spent some time with Girly, and then came home and planted some new shrubs out front. But I have never let things go as badly as what she allows. She is completely unable to pick up after herself; there was always a trail of empty Diet Coke cans, wrappers of all sorts, empty plastic bagsÖ all kinds of stuff in her wake. I think she led the life of a princess growing up and her older sister was the neat one. I think her sister got tired of complaining and just picked stuff up.

I can relate.

In the spirit of this, I present to you just how bad it gets over there:

This is Son1 and Son2ís room. Granted, they should be responsible for keeping it clean. But this is pretty much how the rest of the house looks; this is the standard she sets.

I didnít take this picture. Son2 took it, and I snuck it out of the house and scanned it, for some future occasion. Thatís Son1 acting goofy.

Thereís a sharp contrast between her house and mine. The kids let their rooms get pretty messy. Who would be surprised, itís the way they live. But I periodically step in and insist that they clear the junk out. The hardest part for Son1 is deciding whatís worth keeping and what should be tossed. Son2 just goes on a bender and throws almost everything away and he usually doesnít miss whatís gone.

Things got a lot better when Blimey started coming around. Iím sure the kids got the blame for the messy house. She actually started keeping it clean for awhile. But now that Blimeyís divorced and has his own place, she spends a lot of her time there, and the house the kids live in is sliding back into its former condition.

I sure hope that when they get older, they use me as an example of how to keep house.

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