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December 21, 2002 - 8:46 p.m.

What a difference a year makes

So we got this tree about a week and a half ago, Son1 and I. Itís a fine looking tree, a balsam fir. Itís more than I wanted to spend, but there it is. The tree lot came highly recommended by Son1, I trusted his judgment.

We put it up that night but didnít decorate it. Its aroma permeated the living room, I love that smell. If I could simulate grass clippings, Iíd do that too.

Whatís significant was that Son1 and I picked out a tree together. Itís nice to have him back.

He hauled up the boxes of Christmas decorations from the basement this morning. He put Christmas music on the stereo, and then he and I decorated the tree together; another long-missed event.

I told him that last year I hated Christmas, the whole Christmas season. He asked me why, what was the reason? (sorry Dr. Seuss, couldnít resist) I told him I was depressed because I was embarking on a career that didnít feel right, and he was nowhere to be found. (I didnít mention the part about suffering the end of a long relationship with the Formerly Intended, which was a secret to everyone including her.)

Son1 told me he was sorry about all that. He regretted his behavior, and he said he wished he had been here more. He sees it all now as a foolish mistake. I told him that it was okay (secretly hissing a ďYesss!Ē in my head.) We do what we think is right at the time, but retrospection often offers a different opinion on it.

Yes, I see the parallels between him and me.

He has another problem to deal with. One of the connecting rods in his 1.8L engine punched itself through the oil pan in his 93 Plymouth Laser. It left a hole almost big enough to reach through. Heís asking Santa for a new short block. The Laser is resting comfortably in one side of my garage now.

There are always new challenges.

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