Whoa! Didja get the numbers off that truck?!?

October 18, 2002 - 9:15 a.m.

The rat is dead, long live the rat

They did the illegal thing. They prevented a customer from entering the store by blocking the entrance and waving signs, and yelling at her to go to another dealer for service. She did come in with righteous indignation. Phone calls were made.

Five squads show up, I guess they were expecting a riot. Lots of chatting with the gypsy camp on the public right of way. Twenty minutes later, one squad shows up. Then a plain vanilla Caprice with a "City Inspector" badge on the door rolls up. The cop and the inspector (looking like a young Kenny Rogers) have a confab in the squad. Ten minutes later they ask for the fax number to the store, and some official text comes across.

The strikers are violating a city ordinance. They are not allowed to congregate on the right of way (the fifteen feet of space between the curb and the sidewalk.) They have two hours to deflate the rat, take down the tent canopy and remove all the signs staked in the ground along the curb. All they are permitted to do is walk along the sidewalk with their signs.

Score one for The Man.

Of course they take every minute of the two hours to break camp. This has taken the wind out of their sails, and the cold rainy weather of yesterday has probably taken its toll as well. It hasn't extinguished their need to yell at our customers and approach their cars as they wait to exit onto the road. They approach us on every test drive, promising better deals at other dealerships. They should stick to loafing and leave the salesmanship to us.

I'm going to visit my friend Bill this weekend. He called last week and the anti-depressants are working! He sounds like his old self again. he's strong and confident and determined to right his life again. He has a side job to do, installing a phone system and he promised me $200 cash if I'd come and help him with it.

I'm there.

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