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June 22, 2002 - 11:27 p.m.

I can't see... oh, woe is me

No dog doo snow cones this time. But you're close.

My ever-faithful canine companion of five years is getting old fast. As dogs go she kinda ran hard and fast back in the day. Now she might be described as the Keith Richards of the dog world because of it. Confused? Let me explain:

When she was younger, April could have been diagnosed as having a Type A personality in the dog realm. A pack animal does what it can to preserve the integrity of the pack. In April's case, she took the job of guarding the pack from harm to extremes. She ferociously protected us from any threat large or small with superdog lunges and fits of barking and snapping. In her frenzied state she often mis-judged the length of chain she was on and would reach the end in almost comical form. But she never let it affect the dignity of the job she was destined to carry out. We were kept safe from any of the following: birds flying overhead; airplanes (prop jobs especially); Harley Davidson motorcycles; Diesel delivery trucks; Small children on bikes. Other dogs bring on an unmatched frenzy, a life or death thing.

The flip side of this is once she determines you're okay and not a threat she turns into the friendliest dog you'll ever meet. You just have to pass inspection first!

All this frenzied barking at the short end of a chain brought on a neurological condition called Horners Syndrome. April now suffers from this. All of this ferocious protection has resulted in nerve damage which has paralyzed the left side of her face. This prevents full closure of her right eye and results in a crooked facial posture. She tends to look up sideways to me, because her sense of up and down has been permanently altered.

This year has been especially bad because her joints have stiffened giving her an arthritic condition. And her eyes have clouded over, giving her a permanent blue/green reflective cast to her eyes. This also hinders her ability to get around, she runs into things. She gets confused about where she is, especially in low light conditions.

I brought her home from the Humane Shelter and took on the responsibility for her care to the end. I'm hoping the end isn't soon. I'll keep her comfortable and fed in the meantime.

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