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April 14, 2002 - 7:33 a.m.

Paul Anka, where are you now?

Cause breakin' up is hard to do.

Son2 got dumped by his girlfriend. What's worse is, he got dumped by proxy. He did manage to call that evening and get an explanation from her. He was pretty morose and bitchy and snapped at me on the phone... but I drove over there anyhow to see how he was doing. The "plans" he said he had didn't materialize. So we got in the car and drove over to Motorhead's house. I figured an evening away would keep his mind off of brooding about his troubles. It worked, he was in better spirits when I left. Plus it was good to see Motorhead again. More on him later.

And the flyback reaction? A bizarre three stripe haircut and three new holes in his ears. We insisted on fewer holes, and I told him I'm not sponsoring any more silly haircuts. It's all or nothing.

I made a major decision this week. This job I've taken on has income potential but I'm not seeing any yet. I need income. I did everything exactly as I was told to do and the yield wasn't good enough. I don't have a pension to live on, or a spousal income to carry me through the initial start-up. So, I started looking for a job this week. I'm getting some use out of those suits I bought. Wish me luck... no not luck, good fortune.

I have Tough Guy over here this weekend. He's friends with Son2 these days, after having a big blowup with Son1 (fueled by Sweetie parenthetically) earlier in the year. I did notice Son1 and Tough Guy actually getting along yesterday evening. These things heal themselves, and they do have the maturity to be decent to each other when they're all together. I think Tough Guy is showing some maturity of his own too. He's done some things lately that have earned him new respect from me.

30 days from pool opening, job or no job.

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