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March 04, 2002 - 6:15 a.m.

Brass Monkey

It's ten below zero at the JohnnieV weather station. My antique boiler is working hard to keep the house warm. The radiators are so hot I can smell the layers of latex paint cooking. No dog walk today, the sidewalks are buried in snow, and no one walks dogs when it's ten below.

Son1 finally found the Sims disks. They were at (of all places) Sweetie's house. I don't think she's bright enough to figure The Sims out. Whatever. I've re-discovered The Sims, what a great game! My kids had discovered the cheat codes long ago and they merrily built huge mansions with every concievable thing crammed inside. You can buy a lot of things with 2 million Simoleans.

I prefer plodding along the old fashioned way, making sure my little Sims are happy and well adjusted and doing well at work. I've been working on mike's woman Lonely. (Okay, Son1 gave her that name. Mike died long ago in a kitchen fire.) She's been romancing Phill Buttstinko. (Son2 gave birth to that name.) Don't get me wrong, mikes woman is a career girl but her job requires her to have at least three friends. Gosh darn it though, she just fell in love. She proposed, right there in the kitchen. She got down on one knee and everything. Phill was thrilled. Of course I gave them about 50,000 Simoleans as a wedding present. I know I know I caved to the cheat codes. But you should see their new kitchen! Phill moves in with her, brings all his friends with him and takes her last name. Lonely is far better than Buttstinko.

Windows XP sucks. Take it from me. I would not have ever gotten it but it came with this new computer. It's no more stable than any of the other crap they've produced, at least not by my experience. And the Dell service tech said that since I installed all my stuff from my old computer, it could be a lingering malady from that. Well hey Einstein, what do most people do when they get a new computer, trash all their old stuff? That's a nice out for their 1 year service contract. It's a software problem dontcha know.

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