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January 12, 2002 - 10:00 p.m.

Iím a slow learner

This home improvement thing. I must be a junkie or something.

Spidey is trying to get her house in order. Itís a shithole. There are things beyond her control and so I offered to help her out. I fixed a door on her outside storage closet. Now Iím gluing a door back together for the kids room. Thatís all her place and Iím glad to help.

But thereís still my house. Maybe you remember the roof repair I did? Well the bathroom below it suffered some serious water damage. I had a nice three-dimensional flaky thing happening from the ceiling. It was like an inverted house of cards. I got up there last night to scrape the flakes away and I kept uncovering loose stuff until I got into the scratch coat of plaster. For those of you unfamiliar with plastering technique, letís just say that itís fricking deep.

So Iím back to slopping mud over my head.

Meanwhile the dog pee smell in the living room is driving me nuts. Itís the last shred of carpet I have in the house. I never wanted to live in a kennel. I think the dogs hate the living room carpet as much as I do. But of course if you think like dogs do, itís ALL theirs. They have marked two favorite spots and theyíre near doorwaysÖ for maximum effect I suppose.

My living room carpet was probably stylish in 1978. Itís worn out itís welcome in many ways but itís good carpet so it doesnít look all that worn. Son1 told me last weekend I should peel it up and put Pergo flooring down instead. Heís right. Maybe I could have a bake sale? At this point Iíd rip it up and live with the plywood underfoot for awhile.

So in the interim I rented a carpet cleaner and made it all one color again. Quadruple duty on the dog pee areas.

Iím not sure what to do about the color in the bathroom. Iím thinking dark and strikingly different. Hunter green? Brick red? No faux finish this time, itís gonna be a flat finish. Well, semi gloss probably.

Here I am behind a paint brush again. How am I doing so far, Dad?

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