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November 13, 2001 - 8:12 a.m.

Sorry about that

I've let my gentle readers down again, sorry about that. I haven't been inspired to write lately, at least not here anyhow... so I'll bang out a little message here in the white box.

The weekend was good. No fights with Son1, which is the first in over a month. He slept here both nights which is a big step forward. No trying to run away to mom's place in the middle of the night. I was ready for him too with a brand new double cylinder night latch on the outside basement door. I'm finally seeing an effect from the Zoloft he's been on for a month and a half.

I decided to treat them to an early Christmas present: a shiny new Playstation 2. After the Big Split in 1997 I bought them a Playstation and of all the stuff I've ever given them in their short lives (aside from food clothing shelter and love), they have gotten more use from that thing than anything else. The PS2 is a big step forward in graphics. The lighting and shading is a big improvement, with the burning sunlight appearing in the sky and dapples of sunlight streaming through trees in the shady spots. Wow. I know that ten years from now the thing's gonna look like a Nintendo in terms of technology; but that's then and this is now. I even got in the act and showed Son2 how to approach the narrow turn at 175 MPH in an Acura NSX without burning off too much speed. He's a quick study.

I think I'll wrap the empty box and put it under the tree next month to reinforce the point that this PS2 is all they're getting for Christmas.

The last of the leaves are bagged up and ready to be sent to wherever it is they go. I stuffed as many as i could fit into the Bio-Orb for next spring.

Is it Spring yet?

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