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November 02, 2001 - 12:12 p.m.

Book Report

When I was a kid, reading was everything to me. I couldn’t add 5 + 7 (13, right?) but I could easily get lost inside a book. I was reading at a fourth grade level in second grade. Books were pure escape. My love for reading grew as I did. I peeled through every book I could find.

As I got older I got too busy for reading just for fun. When the kids came on the scene it was impossible. I didn’t carve out time just for reading a book and if I did, I’d promptly fall asleep inside of two chapters. So, I lost touch with just reading for fun.

Now I have a little more free time, and I’ve decided to try it again. I went to my public library yesterday and picked up a copy of Sick Puppy by Carl Hiiasen. What a writer. It’s a story set in Florida about thieving politicians, slutty lobbyists and a black Labrador retriever. It rides on the greed for money and the sinister aim of raping South Florida’s landscape in order to build condos and bridges. The characters are twisted and evil and it seems at times that the smartest character in the book is the dog itself. I got about halfway through it last night. I had to give up on it around midnight, or I would have gone straight through it. It wouldn’t have been the first time I traded sleep for literature. I’m saving more for tonight.

The kids have the day off school today for Parent Teacher conferences. I think I’ll drop by unexpectedly to see what they’re up to. Son2 got into a little trouble with the cops yesterday for making homemade bombs out of plastic pop bottles. If you add aluminum foil to toilet bowl cleaner it creates hydrogen gas. Then screw on the top really tight, give it a few minutes to percolate and throw it against a hard surface. Boom! Naturally these explosions drew the interest of the cops, because somebody complained about the “fireworks” someone was setting off.

“We don’t have any fireworks” was their honest answer. Officer Bradley pressed a little further and got the real answer, and left them with a stern lecture about exploding toilet bowl cleaner and eyesight. He instructed them to call their parents with his phone number from the calling card he left… before he would have to make the calls himself. Son2 did as he was told, and got grounded and lost access to the TV and computer. I called Officer Bradley and thanked him sincerely for intervening on my son’s behalf.

They grow up, right?

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