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November 01, 2001 - 2:09 p.m.


Itís too bad all those people died in NYC and DC. It really is awful. But why should it have an effect on a kidís natural right to beg door to door for pre-packaged sweets? I realized at 4 PM yesterday that I probably didnít have enough candy for the little Ghouls. I had planned ahead wisely and bought several bags of stuff at Big Lots three weeks ago. But after saying ďtrick or treatĒ to myself at various times and popping one third of the stash into my mouth, I was a little low.

So I jetted out to Jewel even as the kids were already arriving around the neighborhood and making their rounds. In broad daylight. Iíll never get used to that. When I was a kid we never started until after dark which in October is fairly early. I guess begging in daylight makes it easier to see the razor blades sticking out of the apples.

Those little kids sure are cute! I got ďthank yousĒ from most of them. I had the same turnout that I usually have every year, but there were fewer kids who were obviously too old to be trick or treating. Not too many houses on my street open for business on October 31. I sat out on my front porch to deliver the goods so as to keep the stupid dogs at bay.

Iíve never been much of a landscape artist. I can dig and plant and make things grow well, but I suck at design. When I first moved here The Intended and I set flowerpots on each of the front steps with geraniums, spiky things and viney things in them. (Note my extensive use of plant names?) It was her idea; sheís better at this than I am. It looks nice so Iíve been doing that every year since. This year the plants are thriving. They apparently havenít been told itís going to get cold soon.

It seemed a waste to take these thriving little plants and just dump them in the Bio-Orb. So I trimmed back the viney things, and brought them in the house. I gave all four pots a good long drink of water, and they can keep me company this winter. If theyíre all still healthy next spring Iíll set them outside again, Iíve got nothing to lose.

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