Whoa! Didja get the numbers off that truck?!?

October 13, 2001 - 11:07 p.m.

I give up

It still leaks. We had heavy rains, inside and out. If there was a test of my caulking talents, todayís rains would be it. Iím tired of this. I donít want to be the grown up anymore.

Son1 wanted to practice driving so we went into The Big City. MKM called with a Diaryland question, and wanted to know when it would be safe for her to go outÖ when were we going? Son1 is a good driver and today was a good test.

It was rainy, sometimes quite heavy. We drove in on the Stevenson and took Lake Shore Drive north. I love that view, the tops of the buildings were obscured by clouds. We drove along LSD, and for once I got to look out the window instead of driving. I made him get off on North Avenue, I wanted to give him a taste of city driving, but north of the Loop. He was a bit confused and we did make the cut to North Avenue and not LaSalle. One guy honked at Son1ís quick lane change, hey thatís life.

We took North Avenue west (weird, I know) to the Dan Ryan and were going to take that south to the Stevenson. Son1 needs glasses, and practice. He ended up on 290, which was okay. I was explaining to him that there are some north-south roads that he can take that will sometimes get him out of these little jams, and one of them was Harlem Avenue. That got us back to the Stevenson and back home.

He did really well. He only made me nervous a few times, but I kept my mouth shut. He needs to build his confidence; he doesnít need lectures from me.

Son2 is spending the night at Patrickís house. Patrickís folks are good people, and his dad stayed to chat for awhile. He was admiring Son2ís newest Mohawk haircut, heís shaved his head too. In fact he said when he started shaving his head the hair started growing back! Who needs the Hair Club for Men?

Is there a Hair Club for Women?

Son2 also decided to pierce his earsÖ three times. He did it himself with ice cube anesthetic. Iím pretty open minded, but I canít get used to seeing him with two gold safety pins stuck into the top of his left ear. I strongly endorsed surgical steel. Son1 and I were quizzing him on his desire to poke holes in his ear. Did he enjoy it? Does he want to do it again? Does it make him feel better? He knew what we were getting at.

I have enough holes in my head, thank you.

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