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September 25, 2001 - 1:31 p.m.


I took Son1 to his MD yesterday. She asked some questions, called the hospital and sent us over there. After a 2.5 hour wait we finally got to see the ER social worker. She was amazed that we'd bounced through the Poison Oaks treatment plan. And Son1, bless his heart, gave the same answers to all the questions five different times to five different people since last Thursday. "Yes I've contemplated suicide. I'd do it with a gun. I don't have a firearm but I know where I could get one."

Based on his conviction and the fact that he can see a shrink today (inpatient) instead of two weeks from now (outpatient), I admitted him yesterday afternoon. He's in the Adolescent Inpatient Psych ward at Catholic Hospital which is a local hospital. Poison Oaks is 30 minutes away. He's signed up for the five full day treatment plan, but whether he does it in-patient or out-patient is up to what the shrink decides tomorrow. It's an intense plan, there are 5-6 group sessions a day, with breaks for meals and homework. There are three other kids there overnight right now, I don't know how many are on the outpatient plan. He gets his homework faxed in from his school so he won't fall behind.

He got pretty upset when he realized he was in lockdown. He pleaded with me to get him out of it, with tears running down his cheeks. I reminded him why he was there, that contemplating suicide is a serious thing that needs treatment. His mom and I both emphasized that his cooperation with the people there would make things go a lot easier. He even said himself that he wanted to fix what was wrong, which I thought was great. They start him on a dose of Zoloft tonight to see how he reacts.

If he broke his arm, I'd treat it. Tonsillectomy, appendectomy, leukemia, I'd treat it. This is more subtle, but it deserves the same attention. What is most important is to not lose control of the process, to be an active controlling part of it.

I talked to him at lunchtime today. I have a secret word Im supposed to say as his mom and I are the only ones allowed to call him, and he cannot make outgoing calls. He seemed to be in good spirits but is fully aware of how controlled his environment is. His Good Aunt wants to send him some mail, and I think hed like that. He also said he wants written words from Sweetie, and I think I can take care of that.

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