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September 15, 2001 - 9:36 p.m.

Big Fun

Unprecedented behavior in the Intrepid last night. Only two people have ever driven that car, me and the Intended. Driver #3 stepped in last night. Son1 has his learners permit.

Heís a good driver. Heís very careful, and once he got his turn recovery figured out (that part where coming out of a turn the wheels return to straight ahead position) he was just fine. I was proud of his level headed caution and his attention to the road. All I ask is he get that blind spot checking thing figured out.

Flannie spent the night. Son2 and Flannie grabbed the two US flags I have and ran off with them. I didnít know that we were supposed to burn candles last night too, but they had that set up before they left.

They ran two blocks north to a busier intersection than where we live. They were waving the flags at the passing cars and yelling ďGod Bless AMERICA!Ē There already were a few people out there with candles in a show of American spirit. Son1 and I walked north to see what they were up to.

It was fun to watch. Almost every car responded with at least a wave, but there was some pretty emphatic honking too. I noticed the ones with American flags taped to the antenna or stuck out the window had the most enthusiastic responses. It really was heartwarming to see the response. I joined in myself, waving the flag at the passers-by.

We all have this event in common now. We all feel more American these days. I like this patriotic enthusiasm thatís been the byproduct of an awful chapter in our history. I hope itís not forgotten like Christmas spirit becomes history in the second week of January. We need this solidarity to do what needs to be done in the coming weeks.

They were out there again today waving the flags and getting honks. But I think itís a little like trick or treat on the day afterÖ it loses itís magic.

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