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September 13, 2001 - 8:42 p.m.

The Effect

It started to hit me today, the magnitude of the whole thing. Sure, you can run the numbers and calculate the human loss, the crushing weight of over 100 stories of stone steel and drywall on human bodies. But now Iím seeing the human face eclipsed by the crush of that which we construct. We became unwilling victims of the glorious buildings we create.

Iíve been watching Peter Jennings, George Bush, Diane Sawyer and many newspeople as they display the human impact of what has happened. I saw the man crying for the 700 families he lost in the upper stories of that building. I saw the man who lost his wife of ten years, whoís infectious laugh he described with such loving precision. I couldnít take the emotion as the huge American flag was unfurled near the broken section of the Pentagon. I cried as the British played the National Anthem during the changing of the guard today. Fly the flag.

Son1 told me last night that on Monday night he had a feeling of dread, that something bad was going to happen. He has that ability, that gift. He didnít know what it was but he knew it would be big.

On that morning as I watched those buildings burn, I thought of all those souls, those thousands of souls. They were unexpectedly disrupted from this earth and sent to the next plane to be transformed to a new energy source for reasons we donít understand. It was disturbing to me but oddly comforting at the same time.

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