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September 13, 2001 - 9:08 a.m.

Sorry, itís been awhile

Iíve been absorbed in this history making event we all find ourselves in.

Son2 was with me that day, recovering from a whack on the head after falling off his bike. He and spidey spent 5 hours in the ER, after an IV and a CT scan. (Heís okay, and the proud owner of a new helmet that he wears while ridingÖ three hours of puking cements in a lifetime learning experience). He and I both watched the second Islamic Guided Missile crash into the second tower, live. He fell asleep shortly afterward as a part of the head trauma recovery process. I continued to watch, all day, and into the night. Just like my Intended said, I donít want to forget any of this. It didnít stop my job search process; I was able to work from my computer while I looked at the TV.

With all of the trouble and anxiety I find myself in these days; I cannot imagine not knowing where my relatives are. I may not always want to talk to them, but I know theyíre out there. I canít imagine being a small child and discovering that my mommy and daddy arenít coming home because someone decided to blow up the building they were in. I canít imagine not knowing where my sons are, fearing the worst.

Newt is supposed to fly to see mom this Friday, sheís no too keen on getting on that plane, and by the looks of things, she may not get that chance.

We watched again yesterday. Son2 slept most of Tuesday and all of Tuesday night. Aside from a killer headache, he was okay. I got a call from an old boss who now works in a much bigger company that we once shared. He has a job in mind for me, thatís the good news. The bad news is I may have to move. Could you leave your children? I didnít think so. At this point Iím open to all offers.

Son2's doc checked him out and he seems just fine. Heís taller than Son1 now, which pisses the older one off completely.

When we returned, I was working on the job search and Son2 was dozing off when the phone rang. It was ToughGuyís step-dad. He wanted to know where Devin was, which I found odd. The story unfolded: ToughGuy missed the bus and went somewhere to call himself in sick on the attendance line at school. Naturally the school follows up on questionable call-ins, and step-dad got the call. Interestingly enough, step-dad has the day off and could have driven ToughGuy to school.

I explained Son2ís head trauma and how he was still home from school because of it. I didnít know where Son1 was but I gave him all of spideyís phone numbers. Then I called her to fill her in on what the doc had told us; and what step-dad had said. Golly, Son1 is home from school because of a headache! The pieces start to fit.

Son2 and I did a recon mission later that afternoon, at spideyís place. Why look at this, the doorís locked! Itís never locked. Son2 went in through the sliding door to find Son1 watching TV. ToughGuy was hiding in the kids bedroom. Hiding. He didnít expect to see me, and snuck out behind me.

I think spidey is on my side now, in agreement that Son1 and ToughGuy are a bad combination and have to be split up. But I think itís up to me to arrange the meeting to end it.

I flew my US flag yesterday, and itís flying today too. When I flew back from Frankfurt the first time five years ago, I felt like an American for the first time and felt glad to be home. Iíve never considered myself a patriotic person, but I feel a sense of US pride now. Iím angry and frustrated that weíve been attacked by cowardly psycho asswipes who are too smart for their own good. I want them found; I want them to each die a slow painful death.

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