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2001-08-24 - 9:21 a.m.

This morning was strange. This was it really, the Last Morning of the Summer Vacation. The Boys of Summer are going back to Mom's

I had to wake Dev early to take him over to his mom's place. School starts next Wednesday. We had a good night together last night. We watched TV together and had a bike ride. The eldest was with his mom, since he decided he didn't want to live under my fascist rule any more. It's been me and Dev for the past few days.

I knew this was the last morning and I didn't want it to happen. I tried to hang onto every shred of time to make it last a little longer. I don't think they realize how much richer my life is when they're living with me. It isn't anything I can really define, it's more like a bunch of little things.

There were a lot of little things this morning. I savored as much as I could like a good cup of coffee. Dev got up cheerfully and relayed the fact that he had no shorts to wear. We decided the pair with the hole in the butt would be good enough to get him over there.

It was finally time and I couldn't hang onto him any longer. We got into the car with a Collective Soul CD that he had re-discovered. On the way I asked him if it was a good summer for him. It was, and certainly less boring than previous ones. We ran the road construction gauntlet, and finally arrived at her house. He got out of the car, said farewell and closed the door on Summer 2001.

I know that I shouldn't dwell on this stuff, but the end of summer is always hard for me. I know that next year my kids will be different. When they're this age they change as much as they did when they were brand new.

Son1's been a handful this summer but I know we'll get over it and be better people for it. Son2 and I haven't really encountered that Teenage Angst yet and I hope that when we do, we can still talk as freely as we do right now.

The wobbly first steps give way to the first bike ride and then the first sleepover and then the first school dance and then the first girlfriend and then the first heated exchange as wills are tested.

Growing up is hard on us all, sometimes.

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